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Jean Sutherland

Jean Sutherland
 Married  William Man(n) on 8 Nov 1805 at Wick, Caithness,

a. Janet Mann married 1 Dec 1832 James Bain (b 6 May 1892 at
1. William Bain b 18 July 1836 at Wick and died 26 Nov 1878 at  Calcutta, India. 
 married Jacobina Manson  (b.16 Sept 1835 at Orlig) on 15 Feb  1859. William was a Ships Captain sailing out of Wick. 
Jacobina emigrated to New Zealand
after Williams death with her four living children and died in Dunedin, NZ
19 May 1886.  Jacobina Mansons parents were Alexander Manson (b 19 Jan 1811
at Castletown and died 17 Sept 1877 at Louisburg) and Helen Manson
(christened 29 April 1813 and born at Dunnet).  They were married 15 Dec
1834 at Orlig.  Alexander's parents were William Manson and Christina
Young, married 2 June 1798 at Watten.  I think Helens parents to be David
Manson and Margaret Swanson married 11 Dec 1773 at Orlig. William and
Jacobina Manson Bain had a son James Bain born 14 Nov 1859 on Alexander
Lane, Wick and died 28 July 1935 at Dunedin, NZ.  James Bain was married 22
May 1886 in NZ to Isabella Ferguson Arthur (b c. 1870 in Lancashire,
Scotland and died 9 Sept 1935 at Dunedin, NZ).  Isabella's parents were
John Arthur (b Dumbarton and Margaret Lennox who were married 23 June 1864
at Glasgow.  John Arthur's parents were George Arthur ( b Mar 1803 and died
after 1864) and Elizabeth Paterson who were married c. 1823.  George
Arthur's parents were John Arthur and Ann Tefler.  Margaret Lennox' parents
wee William Lennox (b 12 Oct 1803 at Glasgow, Lanarkshire) and Isobel
Ferguson.  Willian Lennox' parents were Joseph Lennox and Isobel Simpson.  
James Bain and Isabella Ferguson Arthur had a daughter Isabella Elizabeth
Bain born 12 May 1899 at Dunedin. NZ and died 10-14 July 1974 at Lower
Hutt, NZ.  She was married 23 April 1918 at Dunedin to John Benedict
McCarthy ( b 16 Apr 1899 at Gore, NZ and son of Justin Francis Huntly
McCarthy and Kathleen Linda Dillon.)  John Benedict McCarthy died 23 Aug
1946 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Justin Francis Huntly McCarthy was
corn 1 Nov 1874 at Knockahorgan, Riverstown, Cork, Ireland and the son of
John McCarthy and Mary Murphy.  He married Kathleen Linda Dillon  (daughter
of Thomas Dillon and Catherine ? ) 28 Sept 1898 at N Dublin.  Kathleen died
1 Oct 1917 at Dunedin, NZ.  John Benedict McCarthy and Kathleen Linda
Dillon had a daughter  Avis Linda McCarthy and two sons Raymond McCarthy
and John McCarthy.  Avis McCarthy was born 13 Jan 1923 at Dunedin and died
7 Dec 1993 at Newark, Delaware, USA,  Avis was married 1 October 1945 to
Charles Frederick Honaker, Jr (b 7 Oct 1921 at Van Lear, Kentucky, USA). 
They had a child (me) born 13 Jan 1947, Charles Ray Honaker and four other
children: Lynette Isabel, John Wayne, Carol Ann, David Alan.  Charles Ray
Honaker married Sarah Jane Powers (b 4 Apr 1948 to William James Powers, Jr
and Loneta Miller Stoner).  Charles and Sarah had four children:  Charles
Erik Honaker (b 29 Jan 1970 and married to Glenda Verna O'Hallorhan with
children Hailee Antoinette Honaker b 22 Feb 1999 and Aspen Elana Avis
Honaker b 1 Mar 2000), Cara Powers Honaker (b 8 June 1978 married Jeremy
Kornacki with daughter Lily Ryannan Kornacki b. 5 Oct 1999), Katherine
Powers Honaker  (b 21 Jan 1981 and daughter Ryannan Isabella Powers Dorman
b 1 Feb 1999, d 27 Apr 1999), and Erin Powers Honaker (b 20 Feb 1983).    


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