Austin Graham Sutherland
Son of Orrin Kidder  and Emma J (Graham) Sutherland 
: June 18, 1888 in Eagleville NY
March 17, 1965 in Eagleville (Cambridge NY)
Cora Pearl Macauley August 18, 1911

Austin Graham Sutherland, born  on the land that he lived his entire life.  He married Cora Pearl Macauley August 18, 1911.  Pearl was born  Both were lifelong members of the United Presbyterian Church of Shushan NY.   Graham was a dairy farmer of 300 + acres. One day, while plowing with a team of roan workhorse, wrapped the reins around two fingers.  The horses bolted and the fingers were severed at the first joints. .   Pearl was a great Scottish cook and was also known for starting their Studebaker by going directly to third gear with great acceleration.  One day this resulted in creamed corn casserole being thrown to the floor boards in a minor accident.   Her son-in-law George Rogers, while doing repairs, was forever cleaning creamed corn.  Graham had his own style of driving as well which was to drive on the wrong side of the winding roads of Washington County New York. They lived their entire married life on their farm on Highway 313 between Cambridge and Shushan NY   bordering Eagleville NY.  Graham died of a heart attack at home March 17, 1965. Pearl died in a nursing home July 19, 1976

The above was contributed by Susan and Pauline, granddaughters of Graham and Pearl

Graham Gardiner Born: September 19, 1912
Died: June 24, 1983
Married: May 10 1941
     Sylvia Welch
          Born: Feb. 13, 1911
          Died. March 26, 1979
George Arnold Born: March 10, 1915
Died Jan.19 1972
Married: Nov. 23, 1939
     Mary Francis O'Neil
          Born: Dec. 8 1914
Andrew Earle Born: July 10 1917
Died: December 28, 1999
Married June 4 1938
     Julia Evelyn Wallace
          Born: July 10, 1917
          Died. March 11, 2009
Irene Pearl Born: May 1, 1920
Died  January 18, 1991
Married: June 26 1943
     George David Rogers
          Born: Dec. 15, 1919
          Died January 18, 1992
Eleanor Mary Born: May 22, 1922

Married; Jan. 5 1940
     Stewart Murray Brown
          Born:July 9, 1919