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 "Every line of strength in American history is a line colored
with Scottish blood."  
Woodrow Wilson

My Sutherland Family Tree and it has room for your Sutherland Branches.  Send them to me and I will add them.



My Sutherland Kin : 
(1)Patriarch: William I of Scotland
born 1650 in Scotland, 
William & Hannah (Avery) Sutherland
The Avery LIne
(3) Roger & Mary (Scofield) Sutherland
Samuel & Rachel (Purdy) Sutherland
Benjamin & Anna (Pearson) Sutherland
Edgar & Anna (Rice) Sutherland
Orrin Kidder & Emma J. (Graham) Sutherland
Austin Graham  &  Pearl (Macauley) Sutherland

My Graham Clan

My Line to the Throne
through the Rice family

The Toshack Connection

Other Branches
I can't record every Sutherland I come across but I can try!!!  These are lone branches that I have not yet fit into my tree .  Perhaps they will help

Alexander Sutherland(born in Golspie 1756)
David Sutherland & Mary MacGregorie
Daniel Sutherland

Daniel Sutherland (born 1776)
Jean Sutherland
John Sutherland(born abt 1735)
Joseph and Sarah (Duncan) Sutherland
Justus B. Sutherland (born1799)
Lawrence Sutherland (born 1720)
Lewis Sutherland  (born about 1820)
Pascal Sutherland
Samuel Sutherland (born 1804)
William Sutherland (born 1715)


Odds and Ends
Sutherland Information: From Here & there

Sutherland Clan Information

Sutherland Septs and Families

 Scottish Strawberries

ScotlandSings: A Scottish Sing Along